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  Horizon Chimney is your one stop shop for chimney maintenance and repair.  Some of the services we provide are listed below. If you don't see a service you are looking for, just ask us! If it's chimney related, we most likely can help you.

Services We Provide
  • Inspections : We will determine if your current chimney system meets current NFPA 211 codes and safety standards. We can provide Level I, II and III chimney inspections. A level one inspection is performed when a chimney cleaning is done.
  • Chimney Sweeping : Removal of dangerous creosote, soot and debris buildup inside your chimney. Sweeping the flue will also help us determine how well the structural integrity of the flue lining inside the chimney is.
  • Chimney Relining : Revitalize a deteriorated terracotta clay flue or unlined chimney with a stainless steel liner system, that comes with a full lifetime warranty. Visit our liner page to learn about VENTINOX® liner systems.
  • Chimney Caps : Professional sales and installation of HY-C and Gelco chimney caps. Many standard sizes are available. Custom stainless and copper chimney caps can be special ordered.
  • Wood, Pellet, Gas and Coal Stove Installation : Professional installation of your new appliance. We follow all local and national codes and standards (NFPA211), We hold a Construction Supervisors License which is required by the state of Massachusetts to install solid fuel burning appliances. See our stove page for more information.
  • Video Scanning : Closed circuit video inspections of the interior of your chimney and flues. Typically, a video scan is done during a level II chimney inspection or real estate inspection to determine if the chimney and flues are suitable to vent the appliance that is connected to them.
  • Animal Removal : Humane removal of animals that may have made your chimney their "home" during the season. Visit our animal page to learn more.
  • Crown Repairs : Over time rain, snow and ice can damage chimney crowns. Moisture causes the chimney crown to crack and deteriorate allowing water to penetrate into the inside of the chimney. We can repair and seal your chimney crown with Chimney Saver Crown Seal. If the damage to the crown is more extensive we may determine that it needs the old crown removed and a new mortar crown rebuilt.
  • Waterproofing : Protect the exterior bricks and mortar of your chimney with Chimney Saver water repellent. Chimney Saver carries a 10 year warranty on its application.
  • Damper Replacement or Repair : If your current damper is damaged or not sealing correctly, we can install an energy saving top sealing damper on top of your fireplace flue. These dampers will prevent cold downdrafts, in the colder months, from coming down the flue and prevent your air conditioning from escaping up the flue, in the warmer months, because of the gasket seal on the damper.
  • Emergency Appointments : Heat shut off by your heating company? Has a raccoon decided to make your chimney it's home? We provide same day appointments for an emergency service call.

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