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Do you hear birds chirping, scratching inside the fireplace or other noises coming from the chimney? Chances are you may have an animal or bird problem.

Raccoons and other animals such as squirrels, bats and birds can take up residence in your chimney. Birds may build a nest in the spring. This may sound cute at first, but it's actually a hazard. Bird and Bat droppings inside the chimney can lead to histoplasmosis - a bird disease. While raccoons can carry fleas and the rabies disease they also may end up perishing inside your chimney.

The best way to prevent unwanted guests is with a stainless steel or copper chimney cap for the top of your chimney. The cap not only keeps rain out but also has a built in screen around it. This prevents any critters from making your chimney their home.
A bird or squirrel can build a nest in a chimney sometimes big enough to block the proper venting of the system. If the nest is built into the furnace chimney this could lead to Carbon monoxide poisoning. So every chimney should have a chimney cap and every home should have a CO2 detector.

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We are experts in the humane removal of all animals. Don't wait for the animal to leave the chimney on it's own. Chances are, the animal will want to take up residence for a while.

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